Image Policy - Your Legal Responsibilies

All images on your article are your responsibility.

In other words, the images you upload and use on your article are legally your responsibility. Thus you are expected to use images that available for use either by open use rules or you have legal permission to use copyrighted images

In short, all images within your article are the full responsibility of yourself, the author and poster, and NOT Veterans Today Network.

We simply do NOT allow extreme images on our sites that contain articles. Extreme images are defined as extreme violence, torture, gore, dead bodies, extreme sex or violations of human dignity.

ILLEGAL IMAGES depicting child porn or anything of the such ARE NOT ALLOWED PERIOD; NOT on our article sites or image sites. Period!

In regard to extreme images that are NOT illegal, because GOOGLE likes to demerit and even ban sites for use of extreme images causing organic traffic challenges for sites, we need to be careful how we manage them. The easiest way is to host those images on a domain that is NOT our primary domain.

In this simple way, when Google or any other search engine decides to ban, they ban a domain that is NOT where the original article is located. Boom, your article is safe and organic traffic can be fully maximized.

So here's how to handle those type of images that are important to readers but do it in such a way that protects our domain at from demerit or ban attacks.

We will use a new domain name of for all extreme images.



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