IMPORTANT! Use of Extreme Images Policy

Because GOOGLE and other search engines demerit and even ban sites for use of extreme images causing organic traffic challenges, we absolutely must be very careful how we manage extreme images.

Use of extreme images helps our readers really get the true flavor of the real stories then must hear and see. So we will continue to use them.

However, the way we handle them will be adjusted.

So here's how we do it;

  1. No EXTREME IMAGES uploaded to (VT) Period!
  2. Instead, we upload those images to (VTM) then link them up to VT in a creative way.

Click here for How To Use Extreme Images >>>>

In this way, when Google or any other decides to ban, they ban a domain that is NOT where the original article is located. Boom, your article is safe and organic traffic can be fully maximized.

Extreme Images are obvious; torture, violence, dead bodies, blood, scenes of violence, porn, and sexual acts

To be clear, extreme images do NOT included ILLEGAL IMAGES that violate law ie...child porn. Those images ARE not accepted period!

Also, read our image policy so you understand your legal responsibility on posting, using and uploading images. Click here >>>

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