ASK FOR DONATIONS: easy, fast, efficient

So let us create a SHORTCODE for you which has all your donation info

Then all you do is COPY and PASTE the shortcode into your post and boom, done!

It looks like this



The result can look like this.....



It is much easier than retyping it over and over

When you want a change made, just send us a support ticket to:

The we make the changes for you
And boom, it is automatically changed on every one of your posts site wide
Wow! Much Better!

So what you waiting for?

Increase your conversion rates
Send us your info and let us make you a shortcode



MAKE DIRECT LINK within your PAYPAL account and make it easier for your fans to donate.

Watch this 2 minute video

Now login to your PayPal and send us the link you create
We will put that link into your shortcode 



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