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    frankie gray

    has anyone heard of prepare for change web sight. please let me know ok

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    Popescu George Bogdan

    Hi Frankie, that is Cobra`s site, very high level individual from the Alliace ( if he is what he claims to be),


    I`m having problems trying to post articols from VT to Facebook, anyone having the same issues?

    And the page on mobile phone is loading really slow.

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    Senior Watchman1938

    Ebola; VT covered the 2014 outbreak in excellent form, especially including the known DD declassified documented cure SS10ppm which was/is greatly suppressed to this very day, in spite of the new outbreak.

    The photos of children being led into isolation centers, by adults wearing bright color hazmat protective garments to die a horrible death; --Why has even African nations not grasped the cure?

    The criminal deaths; --Crimes against humanity, of children, even from dengue fever which is in the virus family of Ebola too, must be publicized to the point of exposure to end this slaughter of peoples, children especially, for the sake of exploiting a continent endlessly raped for its abundant resources.  Exploitation hindered only by the indigenous habitation of a population marked for depletion by designer virus killer labs (DVKL)...

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