NEWSLETTER: Text is scrambled. Help!

FROM A READER:  "I tried forwarding the VTN Newsletter but it comes out with strange scrambled code.  It looks like this:


What causes the scrambling?

And what can I do about it?

Our newsletter goes out in HTML format
So enable HTML for your email address
That should resolve the issue.

However, if you cannot resolve or must have plaint text in your email, you can read our LIVE newsletter here at

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    Joseph Sweet

    For several days now, I have not received a newsletter. I keep registering for the newsletter thinking that perhaps something has been wrong with my sign in. This seems to have happened around the time Trump expressed is ire against Veterans Today. Could you please let me know what the trouble is? 

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    Joseph Sweet

    For the past few days I have not received a newsletter, and for the past two days, when I use internet explorer to get to your home page, I get to a home page with articles from 8/20/2018. Something is going on, or someone is messing with your pages, as I am not having trouble accessing any other of my 'controversial' web pages.



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