Upload Your Show (mp3 file) and Post on VT Live

First, it is super easy. Takes just a few clicks!

  1. Upload
  2. Post
  3. Publish


So you just login like you are posting a story. Look down and you will see a long blue button that says "LINK TO MEDIA HOSTED BY BLUBRRY.COM"


To upload, click on the BLUE BUTTON and a new window will open.

Upload the file there.

After file uploads, then simply click on the VERIFY URL button in the PODCAST EPISODE box

That's it for uploading.  You don’t need to fill out the rest of the stuff because the VERIFY button did that for you.

Your file is on the server and you are ready to post.



So now just post your "article" like you normally do; content, featured image, excerpts, etc....

Hit the PUBLISH button and your post will appear on our site with a special PODCAST PLAYER put automatically at the top of the post

It will have a Download, Itunes and RSS feed links as well.

The post will also appear on the specified SHOW PAGE (assuming you choose the category with the name of your show.

For example, here's a sample first post of a media file.

These new show pages will have the latest 20 shows posted. It is basically an archive page of the last 20 shows.  So that visitors can go back to stream their favorite shows at their leisure, download and subscribe as well. It’s a great way to interact with “fans”. 


For those who need, our podcast hosting provider who specializes in podcasts offers an easy quick 4 min. video on HOW TO POST

Watch here:


We are tracking stats...plays, downloads right?


OKAY, now, this is for posting your shows into VT

It's not yet posting into the LIVE VT RADIO BROADCAST that starts May 15.  We will be posting a HOW TO get your show LIVE ON VT RADIO very soon.

So stay tuned

Oh and always remember, if you need support, ALWAYS send an email to

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