How is VT Newsletter and VT App constructed? Who decides which stories make it on?

So the newsletter and Veterans Today Network Mobile APP is constructed by code NOT by humans In other words, what you see on the newsletter and APP is placed there by computer.

There is NO editor that chooses which posts make it So your post cannot be added or removed. It is all automatic


The TOP MAIN POST is chosen by a simple algorithm.  Our coded script simple tallies up all posts in the last 24 hours and the post with the most reads is automatically placed there. That's it!  It is that simple!  So there is NO person who decides!  It's just the most popular post in the last 24 hours.


Below the main post, we put in the next 20 posts from our network. These are simply the last 20 posts made within our network.  The script simple chooses the last 20 posts made by date and time posted in order of most recent posted. 

In other words, if a writer or broadcaster makes a post right now, it will automatically appear directly below the main story.

It will drop down a notch once another post is made within the network. And when that post becomes post # 22 within our network, it drops off the list. *

* (1 main story + 20 posts = 21 posts that appear on newsletter and APP)


You can monitor the LIVE real-time newsletter here at

In fact, book mark it so every time you make a post, click over and check to make sure it's there directly under the top main story.

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